140 Israeli Bride Arise Live Holy | Was SHEKINYAH GLORY Seen?


Israeli Bride Arise Live Holy | Was SHEKINYAH  GLORY  Seen?



Ezekiel 18
24 But if a righteous person stops doing good and starts doing all the evil, disgusting things that evil people do, will he go on living? No! None of the good he did will be remembered. He will die because of his unfaithfulness and his sins.

Ezekiel 33
11Tell them that as surely as I, THE SOVEREIGN YAHUVEH, AM THE LIVING GOD, I do not enjoy seeing sinners die. I would rather see them stop sinning and live. Israel, stop the evil you are doing. Why do you want to die?

12Now, mortal man, tell the Israelites that when someone good sins, the good he has done will not save him. If an evil person stops doing evil, he won’t be punished, and if a good man starts sinning, his life will not be spared. 13I may promise life to someone good, but if he starts thinking that his past goodness is enough and begins to sin, I will not remember any of the good he did. He will die because of his sins. […]

30“Now I, THE SOVEREIGN YAHUVEH, AM telling you Israelites that I will judge each of you by what you have done. Turn away from all the evil you are doing, and don’t let your sin destroy you. 31Give up all the evil you have been doing, and get yourselves new minds and hearts. Why do you Israelites want to die? 32 I do not want anyone to die,” says the SOVEREIGN YAHUVEH. “Turn away from your sins and live.”