Prophecy 152, Listen & Be Freed from the Demon of Fear!

Prophecy 152

Listen & Be Freed from the Demon of Fear!
Face to Face with Apostle Elisheva Eliyahu!

Prophecy 52 Anew, Originally Named I, FATHER YAHUVEH, Will Deliver You Once Again!

Written/Spoken under the Anointing of the RUACH HA KODESH On November 2, 2001 through Apostle, Prophet Elisheva Eliyahu Spoken Anew March 20, 2020 During Coronavirus Pandemic Re-released April 4th | AmightyWind’s 26th Anniversary Online!


This Prophecy, below the following Shabbat messages, was first released & posted nearly twenty years ago, and is more relevant today than ever and is, itself, a “Proof Behind the Prophecies”—Prophet Elisheva was led to read it again, this time speaking it forth under a greater Anointing, and to have a new video made.
* * * * * * *
Below is the Prophecy as it came forth

—with Prophet Elisheva’s “Holy tongues,” as GOD’S SPIRIT gives utterance (Acts 2:3-4) of heavenly or earthly languages (1 Co 13:1). She speaks forth in tongues bringing Prophecy (1 Co 14:6).
We use the Hebrew Names of GOD:

As in alleluia (hallelu YAH) meaning “praise YAH,” YAH is GOD’S Holy, Sacred Name: YAHUVEH or YAHWEH, GOD THE FATHER; YAHUSHUA, GOD’S ONLY BEGOTTEN SON—(HA MASHIACH means The MESSIAH; ELOHIM means GOD.) The Revelation of SH’KHINYAH GLORY—as the Personal Name of RUACH HA KODESH (in English “The HOLY SPIRIT”)—is also on this site. (HA SH’KHINAH {SHEKINAH} is Hebrew for ‘GOD’S ABIDING, DIVINE PRESENCE.’)

Additionally, ABBA YAH means “FATHER YAH” and IMMA YAH, “MOTHER YAH.” In Hebrew, the SPIRIT OF GOD is feminine, referred to as “SHE,” and reflected this way in Prophecies & Scriptural quotes below. All direct references to GOD are uppercase.
Scripture quotes are KJV/NKJV or CJB unless otherwise indicated.

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YAHUVEH’S Warning Before the Prophecies:

I warned you a long time ago Elisabeth [Elisheva], not to name this Ministry after a man or a woman. Even before there was a Ministry, I put it in your spirit. For none of this has been done by your hands. None of this has come forth from your mouth.

It is from the Mouth of YAHUVEH that has given birth. It is from the Mouth of YAHUSHUA, your MASHIACH, that it has been given birth. It is from the Mouth of the RUACH HA KODESH, your IMMAYAH, that it has been given birth.

If it had only been by your hand, it would have failed long ago.

It is by the SH’KHINYAH GLORY’S WIND that blows across this earth, the HOLY WIND OF REVIVAL. It is not by your breath, or it would have failed. “I AM the LORD YAHUVEH: That is MY NAME: And MY GLORY I will not give to another, Neither MY PRAISE to graven images” (Is 42:8).

(Prophecy 105)
In July 2010, YAHUVEH GOD said add this to warn those who mock:

But they mocked the Messengers of GOD, despised HIS Words,
and scoffed at HIS Prophets, until the Wrath of YAHUVEH
arose against HIS People, till there was no remedy. —2 Chronicles 36:16
* * * * * * *
AmightyWind’s 26th Anniversary Online!
Elisheva’s Shabbat Welcome Message Transcript | Saturday, April 4th, 2020

O ABBA YAHUVEH—I thank YOU and I praise YOU—BELOVED YAHUSHUA HA MASHIACH & PRECIOUS RUACH HA KODESH—for giving me the HONOR to have been chosen to give birth to this Ministry 26 years ago online (and it’s really older than that, but this is online), started in 1994: And there’s not even a record of going back that far because it was at that time “America online” [AOL]; and there was no World-Wide-Web [in the way that it exists now].

Can you believe it?

But ABBA YAHUVEH, YAHUSHUA & PRECIOUS RUACH HA KODESH, we worship YOU, we love YOU! (And that’s ALL I want to teach the people, is to lead them to hear YOUR Words—to be YOUR Messenger—to lead them to YAHUSHUA HA MASHIACH, to share the revelations that YOU’VE given me, the visitations from Heaven that I have seen YAHUSHUA Face to face).

And the image that is next to me, is the closest of any representation that could be given in this world, as the young girl drew it and YOU really have blue Eyes.

And one day those [who will be] in Heaven will see why that image was chosen.

And I just want everyone to know—thank you, thank you AmightyWind congregation! ABBA YAHUVEH, YOU have given me the best congregation ALL OVER the world in 52 different languages now, and Hindi was just added.

And the desire of my heart now is for that man from Judah to come forth and help me to reach Israel. I’m a Jew and yet I was not born in Israel and I need that man from Judah. I need the Hebrew translator, ABBA YAH—and that is the desire of my heart, HEAVENLY FATHER—to let Israel know WHO YAHUSHUA HA MASHIACH is. HE is Isaiah 53.

We thank YOU and we praise YOU, ABBA YAHUVEH, on this 26th year Anniversary that just happened: YOU chose 4/4/20 [that day for the Ministry 26 years earlier] to also be birthed on the Internet on my birthday. And—for 30 days! YOU gave us the order last year.

And YOU said YOU wanted us to celebrate [30 days] and give people the chance to be able to send their videos in and—if they wanted to keep it private—to let me know if they wouldn’t [want] it to be in a public video, all assembled at one place. (They have 30 days to be able to do it.) And this way their privacy will be maintained also, because it will just be the clips of what they had said and what this Ministry means and how they want to give glory to YOU, and how they were saved or whatever they feel led [to say].

So YAHUSHUA HA MASHIACH, I thank YOU that even on Shabbat, this Holy time [April 4th, 2020] of celebration is here.

I want to THANK YOU for that Hebrew translator is coming forth. I want to THANK YOU for the Holy anointed brothers in YAHUSHUA HA MASHIACH who were born and raised in Israel or even just raised in Israel, but who know the Hebrew roots that are important and Biblically based.

I want to thank YOU and praise YOU, HEAVENLY FATHER, for everything YOU’RE doing.

O ABBA YAH, please, exceedingly and abundantly bless AmightyWind congregation and the visitors who come here to celebrate—for those that have given their life to YOU, YAHUSHUA—and they now know that there’s a Ministry that does not compromise with sin.

We teach them that, YAHUSHUA, YOU will forgive them if they will truly repent with great sorrow and confess their sins. Confession leads unto repentance and repentance leads unto salvation—and YAHUSHUA, we thank YOU and we praise YOU.

I praise YOU for each and every one of the team, for each and every one of the ministers. I thank YOU for the video makers. I thank YOU for finally getting trustworthy web managers!—where all the rest were nothing but Judases.

And I thank YOU and I praise YOU, HEAVENLY FATHER—the people don’t even know 5 times the Ministry has been tried to be stolen from me but—this is the HOLY TRINITY’S [Ministry] and you cannot steal from the LORD GOD ALMIGHTY WHO IS & WAS and is CREATOR OF ALL.

So ABBA YAHUVEH, I pray that on these 30 days of celebration we will get more salvation reports, we will get more videos and they will give the glory to YOU. For this is YOUR Ministry to give glory to YOUR SON YAHUSHUA HA MASHIACH.

Shabbat Shalom!

I love, love, love, love, love everyone who worships YAHUSHUA HA MASHIACH, and I look forward to hearing from you. I truly do.

In the Name of YAHUSHUA, Amen.
Fear is the Opposite of Faith! | Psalm 91
Elisheva’s Prophetic Shabbat Message Transcript
Friday, March 20, 2020
Have Faith!

Shabbat shalom! To the precious, beloved AmightyWind congregation! And welcome everyone who is a visitor here for the first time!

I want to speak to the AmightyWind congregation. I want to tell you that I have redone the frontpage and I’ve asked the web managers to take off the news of what is all going on with this Wuhan virus and—because I realize so many of you are struggling with fear.

YAHUSHUA showed me how many are struggling with fear right now—and it is the facts versus fear—but YAH did not give us a spirit of fear, but of power, love, and a sound mind.

Fear is the torment that YAHUVEH & YAHUSHUA have not sent! And perfect love—the love of YAHUSHUA HA MASHIACH, the love that you know your HOLY FATHER has for you in Heaven, ABBA YAHUVEH and the love of the RUACH HA KODESH, the HOLY SPIRIT, has for you—perfect love casts out fear, because why? We trust THEM!

We know that THEIR Arm is not too short. We know that THEIR Eyes are not blind, and we know THEIR Ears are not deaf. And we know that THEY know who the Hamans are on this earth right now who created, in a lab, this virus that was created for another purpose—and I’m not going into that right now.

But I want you to know—a big shoutout of love to the Asian congregation, a big shoutout of love to those in Italy. And I’m telling you YAHUSHUA is giving me a warning and reminding us all—the social media as well as every [main stream] news station is owned by the Hamans. Remember that.

I also want to say fear is the opposite of faith, and faith is the only way you’re going to get to Heaven: Faith that the BLOOD OF YAHUSHUA HA MASHIACH can wash every sin away when you say that you are sorry to HIM, when you confess your sins—with great sorrow—you ask forgiveness, and you believe in faith that HE will help you to overcome wherever you are weak with sin.

Have faith! It is the only currency in Heaven! Do you know that? Nothing of this world can get you to Heaven except for faith. Without faith, it’s impossible to please our HEAVENLY FATHER, our ABBA YAHUVEH.

So you must use that faith now, because if you cannot have faith now—and these things have not even touched you—you’re only hearing about them, what will you do when things become worse?

Have faith!—in Psalm 91 that HE will keep the plagues from coming nigh your dwelling.

Have faith!—to believe that what David said, “I’ve never seen the righteous forsaken, nor their seed out begging for bread” (Ps 37:25).

Have faith!—to believe that nothing can happen that YAHUVEH don’t allow!

And have faith to believe that all things work together for good! Yes, even when the Hamans are after the Esthers right now, and we are the Esthers, we’re the Mordecais.

And we are waiting for the Red Sea to open up and drown the evil Pharaoh as they chase us now, especially everyone who is a believer in YAHUSHUA HA MASHIACH.

Have faith to believe that THEY love you so much that satan will not be able to harm you unless something good comes out of it. This is what I have to say on this March 20, 2020—and I want to remind you again, 20 is the number of the redeemed, (in Hebrew [Bible & Prophecy]—the number of redemption).

We are redeemed! This is our year! When they think that they have us so frightened, FIGHT BACK! And say no matter what your “facts” say, no matter how many you say—in the millions or billions—will die, MY FAITH tells me that you can’t do anything against me unless my YAH allows it and something good must come from it.

Have faith to believe.

Remember the Widow of Zarephath? Remember the cruse of oil that did not run dry? Remember she gave the Prophet Eliyahu (Elijah of Old), her very last bit of oil and the last bit of flour to make that bread? And remember that was the last meal her and her son would eat, and yet she had faith and HE increased everything. HE multiplied it.


BUT WOE BE UNTO THE HAMANS AND WOE BE UNTO THE ENEMIES OF THIS MINISTRY! Because HE’S also a [BRINGER of] multiplications of the woes that’s gonna come upon you! And oh, HE has so many ways to make you suffer! So that’s what I have to say in your case—of the multiplication.

We’re waiting! We’re waiting ABBA YAHUVEH! We’re waiting for our YAHUSHUA! We’re waiting for YAHUSHUA to say, “Come hither!” Because we know as we look up, our REDEMPTION draweth nigh (Lk 21:28).

Oh if I could just hug and could just put my arms around each and every one of you and kiss your cheek, I would do so right now. Those who consider this Ministry a blessing, and support this Ministry and encourage me!

Though I have been without a husband and a coleader now for two years and over, I just thank you so much for you anointed prayer warriors, who are Messianic Jewish men who’s [been] coming forth as a brother and encouraging me. Please, hit the contact [page]. I will personally respond back.

YAHUSHUA HA MASHIACH bless you! I love you more than words can say!

And oh, thank YOU BELOVED YAHUSHUA HA MASHIACH! Signs, wonders, and miracles have followed this Ministry, because we do not chase after the signs, wonders, and miracles, but we know WHO the GOD OF MIRACLES is, and YAHUSHUA HA MASHIACH is HIS Name.

YAHUSHUA has told me to give you a special surprise and that is a rereading of Prophecy 52. That was [first] in 2001—this is a “Proof Behind the Prophecies” of what you see now—was already foretold, the secrets, was told to this Prophet.

I am having it made into videos right now and—but, I want you to—where you see a bar, click on that [play] button and please listen to the new Anointing upon my voice: The reassurance how much YAH & YAHUSHUA LOVE HIS children.

Shabbat shalom!
Psalm 91 | Write it Down & Memorize!

This is the Scripture that you are to write down. And for those of you who are in a place [where] you cannot do this openly, find a way to be able to do it. Ask YAH to be able to do this.

Psalm 91. Write it down.
Elisheva’s Psalm 91 Paraphrase
He that dwelleth in the Secret Place of the MOST HIGH shall abide under the Shadow of the ALMIGHTY—YAHUVEH, and this includes YAHUSHUA HA MASHIACH.
I will say of YAHUVEH, HE is my REFUGE and my FORTRESS: my GOD; in HIM will I trust.
Surely HE shall deliver me from the snare of the fowler, and from the noisome pestilence.
HE shall cover me with HIS Feathers, and under HIS Wings shall I trust: HIS truth shall be my shield and buckler.
I shall not be afraid for the terror by night; nor for the arrow that flieth by day;
Nor for the pestilence that walketh in darkness; nor for the destruction that wastes at noonday.
A thousand shall fall at my side, and ten thousand at my right hand; but it’s not going to come near me.
Only with mine eyes shalt I behold and see the reward of the wicked.
And therefore no evil shall befall me, neither shall any plague come near my dwelling—your house, your apartment.
For HE shall give HIS angels charge over me, to keep me in all my ways.
The angels shall bear me up in their hands, lest I dash my foot against a stone.
I shall tread upon the lion and the adder [viper]: the young lion and the dragon shall I trample under my feet.
Because HE has set HIS love upon me, therefore HE has promised to deliver me: HE has said, that HE will set us on high, because we have known HIS Name.
He shall call upon ME—this is a promise of YAH, YAHUVEH says— He shall call upon ME, and I will answer him and her: I will be with him and her in trouble; I will deliver him and her, and honor them.
And with long life will I satisfy him and her, and show them MY SALVATION.

And WHO is your SALVATION? There’s only ONE, WHO is the TRUTH and the WAY and the LIFE, WHOSE Name is SALVATION, WHOSE Name is YAHUSHUA HA MASHIACH.

And YAHUSHUA in Hebrew means “YAH SAVES.” Learn that Name.

Elisheva’s Introduction: Do NOT Fear!
This reading of Prophecy 152 (52 anew) was recorded via audio. Here is the transcription.

Shabbat Shalom! HalleluYAH!


This is March 20th, 2020—remember, the number 20 is the number of [the] redeemed in Hebrew [Prophecy & Bible]. Remember that’s a double 20, the last time—I had the Prophecy—on January 20th 2020, which is [Prophecy] 150.

And I just want you to know, this is the Year of the Redeemed! Do not fear!

Fear is a torment which YAHUVEH has not sent. I’ve taken down [what was on] the frontpage—of the information of what’s going on around this world—and I’ve put it up on our YAHSTube (that you can see where it’s at as you click on the banner or you go to the media [menu on the website]), but I am now hearing, I have to built your faith up!

There’s too much information all over the Internet now. You don’t know what to believe.

And whatever you do—if a prophet says that they’re a “Prophet” and they claim to have Prophecies, ask them where the proof behind their “prophecies” is, because I’ll tell you this: I have “Proof Behind the Prophecies,” and it will be 26 years on

April 4th 2020.

We’re in the year “20,” the number of the redeemed! Don’t you want to be in the redeemed? That means you’re saved by the BLOOD OF YAHUSHUA OUR MASHIACH! That means you have nothing to fear. For YAHUVEH says HE did not give us a spirit of fear, but of power, love and a sound mind!

Oh my AmightyWind congregation—you who call me your Pastor, and the Apostle and the Prophet, I am going to read to you Prophecy 52, and you are going to see, what’s going on right now was already prophesied.

Do not believe a “Prophet” who only takes the news and then makes a prophecy out of it. See how many years back it was prophesied and you will see even this so-called Wuhan-virus—you know already it was already lab-made, you know it’s man-made, and I will have a Prophecy very shortly speaking more on that.

I’m going to read you a Prophecy—I must hurry though.

I want you to know how much I love each and every one of you, and you are covered in my prayers—anyone who considers AmightyWind Ministry a blessing and who keeps me in their prayers and this Ministry protected with your prayers!

I have prayed that you will continue to obey! And when you don’t obey YAHUSHUA HA MASHIACH, you cannot claim the promises.

So obey HIM! Get up and run into HIS Arms! And say, “YAHUSHUA forgive me, I have sinned!”

And HE will be faithful and forgive you again and you can claim the promises that no plagues can come nigh your dwelling, just like Psalm 91 says!

So Prophecy 52 I, YAHUVEH, Will Deliver You Once Again! And this was given to me on November 2nd 2001. A lot of years ago!

2 Chronicles 36:16 “But they mocked the Messengers of YAH, despised HIS Words, and scoffed at HIS Prophets, until the wrath of YAHUVEH arose against HIS people, until there was no remedy.”

Beware of touching YAH’S true Prophets and doing them harm (Ps 105:15)—and that’s not a message to AmightyWind congregation: That’s to the enemies who like to come here. And see if I’m still alive! [laughs] And if the Ministry still stands! [laughs] Oh my! It’s not my Ministry; it’s the HOLY TRINITY’S. I’m just the leader of it and take my orders from Heaven.
* * * * * * *
Prophecy 152 Begins
Received November 2, 2001 | Anew March 20, 2020

Dearest beloved children of MINE, how many of you cry out to ME with wails and tears and try and hide your fears from the world and your friends, yet confide in your DADDY YAHUVEH and your MESSIAH YAHUSHUA! You come to US with tear stained faces in the Name of MY SON YAHUSHUA saying, “What do we do now? Where do we go?”

Oh darlings of MINE, oh I’m not angry with you at this time. It is the evil ones that—I AM livid with anger.

I see the evil one’s plots and schemes. And it is just like in the times of old with the serpent in the Garden of Eden, seeking to beguile Adam & Eve, and now they make you think that you cannot win without the worldly knowledge of evil.

Your FATHER I, YAHUVEH, is ALL KNOWLEDGE and when you seek I, YAHUVEH & YAHUSHUA HA MASHIACH (also called “Jesus Christ”) and the RUACH HA KODESH (the HOLY SPIRIT), you are seeking TRUTH & KNOWLEDGE. Be assured—as long as you are seeking, you will find the answers when the times come. If you do not know what to do, then be assured: It is not yet the time for you to know where to go, nor what to do.

I, YAHUVEH, will not give you the ticket to ride until it is the time to leave. I, YAHUVEH, AM never too early or too late, but I AM always there. Right on time—not a second to spare at times, but I, YAHUVEH, will never leave you, nor forsake you. I, YAHUVEH, AM THE CREATOR OF ALL MANKIND.

You need not fear what the evil ones will do. For I, YAHUVEH, AM using the simple things, like your prayers, to confound the so-called “wise” (the evil) of this world.

I, YAHUVEH, AM even able to change your DNA. Did you know that? Yes, if I so choose. I, YAHUVEH, can even change the color of your skin and your eyes. Marvel not. I, YAHUVEH, AM THE CREATOR, remember? I, YAHUVEH, AM able to make you invisible if I, YAHUVEH, so choose. You have NO IDEA what standard I shall raise up against the evil ones!

The very bondages, diseases & plagues that the evil ones, who are called satan’s children, seek to loose upon you, shall confound them. Multitudes of MY children will not be harmed. Instead, the evil one’s own families shall come down with the disease and the plagues, and they will have no answer as to the reason why. All they will have to admit is that I, YAHUVEH, did it.

The evil ones strive to protect themselves, and they think themselves wise to even inoculate their own families, and loved ones and friends. And yet I, YAHUVEH, will nullify that protection. To the degree that the evil ones—the pretenders—seek to harm MY children, that is the degree that the harm will come back upon themselves.

Start praying for this now. There is great power in the prayers said to, I, YAHUVEH in the Name of YAHUSHUA HA MASHIACH, MY ONLY BEGOTTEN SON.

Pray that I, YAHUVEH, will give you greater spiritual weapons to use against the carnal ones who raise up against MY beloved ones, who seek MY Face and MY will daily. Pray that as Elisha saw the mantle fall from Elijah of Old, so you shall behold it again—and you shall be endued with even more of the RUACH HA KODESH’S Anointing-power.

When this happens, you will not need to be concerned—how will you get to a certain nation? When I, YAHUVEH, send you, you will just appear. Do you think this is strange? Read your Scriptures and see how many times already, they had the power of translating [i.e. miraculous transportion] and know that the evil ones already use such powers for evil purposes.

The evil ones keep dark secrets, and yet I, YAHUVEH, will tell MY secrets to those that [are] following the GUIDING LIGHT, WHO is YAHUSHUA HA MASHIACH. I, YAHUVEH, will protect MY Babies, Bride, Chosen Ones & Elect! YAHUSHUA HA MASHIACH is a LAMP unto your feet.

When the evil ones take your light away, look to I, YAHUVEH, and I will send MY angels to light your way.

The evil ones seek to take your confidence, faith, trust, truth, privacy, freedoms, happiness, joy—unspeakable and full of glory—and your finances away from you! This is easy for them to do IF you listen to the spirit of fear, and all the bad reports on the news more than you listen and read the good reports that are all written in the Scriptures.

At least MY children get in balance. How can you hope to defeat fear when all you’re doing is feeding the fear frenzy?

MY hidden ones have the knowledge, and a way around EVERY weapon of the enemy that seeks MY children’s destruction. And this is the world’s destruction. Lean not unto your own understanding, but in all thy ways acknowledge, I, YAHUVEH and, I, YAHUVEH shall direct thy paths in the Name of YAHUSHUA HA MASHIACH. Your own understanding will cause you to fear the unknown.

I, YAHUVEH, do not sleep. I, YAHUVEH, will not slumber. MY Eyes are on the nations where MY people cry out to ME in prayer, “Save us!”—to save them!

Listen not to the doom and gloom soothsayers. They speak and write that I, YAHUVEH, will not provide a place of escape for MY beloved ones that are following YAHUSHUA HA MASHIACH and are doing their best to obey MY laws.

Why do MY children seek to obey I, YAHUVEH? Because they love their HEAVENLY FATHER!

The soothsayers have slipped into the ranks of the five-fold offices of the churches, and of the politicians, and the newscasters. They speak fearful things to MY children. They speak of defeat and not of victory. They plant doubts in your minds [like] IF I, YAHUVEH, will rescue MY children. They warn that all must be prepared to be attacked, “Everyone will die or will suffer heavy casualties!”—without I YAHUVEH & YAHUSHUA HA MASHIACH on your side, this is true.

What the newscasters and many politicians and the soothsayers forget is that I, YAHUVEH, have not forsaken MY children.

How will that bring ME glory? Yes MY children, one day, will join ME in Heaven. This is true, but if I had not wanted to provide for a way of escape, why would I say so in MY Scriptures (Lk 21:36, 1 Th 5:9)? MY Word will not return back to ME void. It will accomplish that which I purposed.

I AM YAHUVEH! And I have changed not.

What I, YAHUVEH, did for Israel in the time of Moses, I shall do it again! What I did for Lot, I, YAHUVEH, shall do it again! What I did for Joseph & Mary, I, YAHUVEH, will do it again! What I did for Noah, I, YAHUVEH, will do it again! What I did for the three Hebrew children, I, YAHUVEH, will do it again! What I did for Eliyahu, the Elijah of Old, I, YAHUVEH, will do it again! What I did for Enoch, I, YAHUVEH, will do it again! What I did for Elisha, I, YAHUVEH, will do it again.

The gallows that Haman build, I, YAHUVEH will hang them on it! I have an Esther and just as in the times of old, I YAHUVEH will deliver MY people again. I have a King David [those with a spirit unto] and shall use music and praises to defeat the enemies as Psalms are once again lifted up to ME in faith that I, YAHUVEH, will deliver again!

Show ME in your Scriptures where I did not deliver MY people—that followed MY commands and loved and put I, YAHUVEH, first in their lives? I, YAHUVEH, will deliver MY children from the snare of the fowler! All you have to do is pray and have faith and believe that I AM greater than all these fearful things that try to come upon MY children! I, YAHUVEH, will answer your prayers when you call to ME in the Sacred Name of YAHUSHUA HA MASHIACH.

Come boldly before MY Throne, and give ME your petitions. I, YAHUVEH, AM not angry with MY beloved children.

At times you go astray and you disobey, and the wolf is ready to devour you (all because you refuse to obey)—so like sheep—I AM forced to break your hind legs, but then as a GOOD SHEPHERD, I lovingly carry you in MY Arms. YAHUSHUA HA MASHIACH is the ONE that now carries you in HIS Arms until you mend and are able to walk again.

Where does a good shepherd ever leave his sheep unattended? Where does a good shepherd beat the sheep & lambs? NEVER! But I do promise I will make the ones that seek to devour you REGRET the day they were ever born.

Did I, YAHUVEH, not warn Lot and blocked him with MY angels so he could not enter back into the city of sin called Sodom & Gomorrah? I protected him and his family (except for his wife, who chose to disobey ME) from the fire and brimstone, which was a form of tribulation for Lot and his family also.

Did I, YAHUVEH, not warn Joseph & Mary to flee with YAHUSHUA as a babe? In the times of old, that was a form of a great tribulation—for the mothers with babies. For all the babies were to be killed, because the evil ones were seeking to find the true MESSIAH to kill HIM! I, YAHUVEH, sent an angel to warn Joseph in a dream, and told him where to flee and told him when to come back.

Do you think I, YAHUVEH, will not do the same for you?

Did I, YAHUVEH, not provide an ark for Noah and his family? Before that great tribulation of water flooded the earth?

What about Esther? Do you think that was not a form of tribulation to foresee the Jewish people killed all around her and yet did I, YAHUVEH, not provide a way of escape for the Jewish people? Or there would be none today!

Did I, YAHUVEH, not use the very weapon that was to kill Mordecai & Esther! (The gallows that Haman built, thinking that he had entrapped Mordecai & Esther—and all the Jewish people would be killed! And yet I, YAHUVEH, had Haman hung on the very gallows—and his ten sons and his wife!)

How can the very ones that say they hear Prophecies and they believe them, deny that I, YAHUVEH, have always had a way to protect MY people? Beware of ones who prophesy these things that leave you feeling hopeless.

No matter what the tribulation, I, YAHUVEH, will provide a way of escape for those who trust and lean on ME in all their ways. Trust more in YAHUVEH and in your YAHUSHUA HA MASHIACH than your wife, your husband, your friends and the five-fold offices—or governments.

I, YAHUVEH, will not promise you it will be an easy path for all. I will not promise you that there will not be martyrs that will lay down their lives for YAHUVEH & YAHUSHUA; I will promise you that these martyrs are in Heaven with ME right now and NEVER again will they suffer.

I will not promise you that all MY children will be kept safe [in every way physically], but I, YAHUVEH, will protect them like I did the children of Israel in the time of old—when the plagues, and the darkness, and death came upon them—I spared those who had the blood of MY covenant in the time of the old. How much more will I do now with the NEW BLOOD COVENANT OF YAHUSHUA HA MASHIACH!

Be warned wolves: You will be exposed. My sheep will know your names and your plans. I, YAHUVEH, see and know each person with the heart of a ravenous wolf. I, YAHUVEH, and YAHUSHUA HA MASHIACH alone are the GOOD SHEPHERDS. I, YAHUVEH, alone will confound you wolves—with your own creations and weapons of war. I, YAHUVEH & YAHUSHUA are the ROD OF WRATH that will beat you away from MY sheep & lambs.

Be not deceived! I will kill the wolves in MY timing and cast them not only into hell, but into the Lake of Fire!

To all of those that seek the destruction of [the good in] America & Israel and all the Christians & the Jews, what is the price of your soul? And I speak to the whole world now. If you continue to do this, then your soul will be eternally damned! If you turn away from this—Then turn to YAHUSHUA HA MASHIACH!—Then you will be eternally saved!

It is your choice.
End of Prophecy

Offending Some; Enlightening Others
For the Love & Obedience & Glory
Given to Apostle, Prophet Elisheva Eliyahu
First Received Friday November 2, 2001 at 1:50 AM | Reread March 20, 2020

In—the year was 2001. Prophecy 52 has just been read under a new Anointing. I want you to know, I do not want you to fear the facts that I had put on the front page. It is now, you can find—if you want to go look under the “Corona[virus] Heroes & Information” [under the media section]—you can go to YAHSTube, where I am uncensored. And we have a whole dedicated page to them.

And I also want to say how much I love each and everyone who writes me and tells me this Ministry is a blessing to them, and they have given their life to YAHUSHUA HA MASHIACH.

I cannot begin to tell you how much I appreciate you through these years that there’s been no husband and there’s been no co-leader. I cannot begin to thank you. For you Jewish Prophets, you men, I need you to keep coming forward. I need my brothers in YAHUSHUA MASHIACH to surround [with their prayers] and be that male covering for me.

I love you all in YAHUSHUA HA MARIACHI’S Name—to those who consider me as well as this ministry a blessing to them.

End of Transcript

Pray you find out where in this world your ark is and when you’re to enter it to escape the evil that is to come. Pray in the Sacred Name of YAHUSHUA—Miryam (Mary) didn’t give her Hebrew baby a Greek name ‘Jesus’. There is Anointing-power in the Name that means YAHUVEH saves: YAHUSHUA.